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In "Innocence Lost" we saw Shy Sky taking a stern spanking for lying to her step-dad after she was caught at school smoking forbidden substances. "Remember That Night:
A Hard Hairbrush Spanking" showed us what happened when Shy was ordered to her room and instructed to give a self spanking for further punishment. Unfortunately for
her she wasn't strict enough with herself so more spankings were given by her step-dad that would make the girl very sore. In fact, she'd have to sleep on her tummy
to get any rest at all!
Now, in "The Tears She Cried" we see what happened the next day when Shy was supposed to be paddled at school for partaking in contraband the previous day. Usually,
Shy was upbeat when she woke up for school, she'd put on her uniform and think about all of the good things that were going to happen. On that day though, Shy's rear
end was still colored and swollen from the two spankings that she had to take the day before! The girl dreaded having to take more punishment as she was already on the
verge of tears before she even stepped foot on the bus. Shy knew that she had five hard swats coming and then at least her bottom could begin to heal.
Upon arrival at school Shy was to report to the office and take a seat in the 'naughty chair' until the principal could take time to deliver the swats. However, Shy was
in shock when her step-dad walked through the door of the office! It seems that the girl had lied about how many times she'd been caught smoking at school and when her
step-dad found out that morning he showed up to discuss things with the principal. It was decided that a severe spanking was in order so the principal allowed her step-dad
to punish her in his office!
You can understand that Shy's step-dad was furious! She had been inspecting the school paddle before he walked in the door, but in his hand he also held a split tailed
strap and a long cane! The girl was immediately ordered to bend over the school desk for a strapping. Her skirt barely covered that already red bottom and the stiff strokes
of the strap added a fresh new layer of colors,...and pain to Shy's lovely behind. The tears would flow, the girl was simply a mess. Every lick was well deserved though and
you can bet that her step-dad gave her a lot more than the five swats with the school paddle than what the principal was going to administer.
The licks with the school paddle were grueling, all Shy could do was cry and grip the desk tight until the punishment was finished! You could see the makeup that was put on
that morning streaming down her cheeks, this wasn't the first girl to cry in the office and it certainly wouldn't be the last. The final implement that would be used on
Shy's bare bottom was the cane. That implement always made Shy the most emotional and truly remorseful. She knew that what she did was wrong and lying about things brought
about such a strict response to her actions. And usually when the bell rang at the end of the dayShy would be skipping to the school bus, though on that day the girl chose
to walk home so she wouldn't have to sit down on those hard seats.

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